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release date: April 20, 2004

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Take My Hand
I’ve written so many songs about heartbreak, dissatisfaction, and revenge, I thought it was about time to write a love song that had nothing negative about it. Inspired by a Dave Davies song.

A cautionary tale for rehab junkies, with music co-written with guitar maverick Chuck Prophet. One night I was surfing TV channels and I heard a TV preacher say “You’ve got a hole in the shape of Jesus” and it all started from there. Everyone’s got a hole (and I’m speaking figuratively here, people.)

Bottom Line
This one is self-explanatory. More of that dissatisfaction. Pat Johnson added the snaky guitar line, so maybe I needed him for the “one little thing” after all.

Another wonderful Pat Johnson tune that lends itself beautifully to our joint project.

Pale Green Girl
If you’ve ever seen the Joanne Woodward character in the film of Tennessee Williams’ The Fugitive Kind then you have the image of the “Pale Green Girl.” It’s a small Southern town where everyone knows everyone else’s business. She’s leaving, but first she’s going to burn down someone’s house. More of that revenge thing…

Flight 609
Written right after take off on a most productive flight. Things look different from 3000 feet above sea level. For a non-believer I do have a lot of angels in my songs.

Privilege & Gold
People like to say that America is a classless society. I think Cesar Chavez would disagree. This song is about the nearly invisible class of migrant farm workers. Inspired by the documentary La Boda.

Ouch! I guess one day I felt as though my heart was a small black hard shriveled rotten little walnut. My husband really doesn’t like this song.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Even our most feared enemies will someday be reduced to bone and dust. Isn’t that a comforting thought?

Soul Redeemer
About a woman on Florida’s Death Row convicted of slaying a police officer that she thought was raping her. She found Jesus Christ while in prison and I was stunned at her attraction to the Dominant Male after all she had been through.

Buffalo Ballet
Written by John Cale. A gorgeous song that might be about the American frontier and it’s destruction by Progress.

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Press release for the Pale Green Girl