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penelope houston . birdboys
(1988) Subterranean Records, US (1990) Roundtower Records, Ireland (1993)
Normal Records, Germany
Sale $11 CD item #PH09 . Tape $6

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(with 2 bonus tracks)

Penelope's first acoustic album. The All Music Guide gives it a 4****1/2-Best-of-Artist rating. "The band provides stunning backdrops for her voice--always an impressive instrument, and now possessed with a roundness more akin to British folk-blues artists. Compares with the best of Pentangle. The skill with which the Birdboys execute their jazz-folk-blues rhythms makes the comparison appropriate. The record is a fine achievement ..something quite fresh."-Puncture. A CMJ Jackpot! review called Birdboys "light years away from the Avengers sound, though no less fervent. Penelope's voice takes on a lilt and range that is sweetly infectious enough to warm the most cynical of ears. If life hasn't meant much to you since Richard and Linda Thompson broke up, Penelope's acrobatic vocals, and lyrics that deal deftly with adult themes like love and politics will give you purpose once again."

Tracks. Click on any song title to see lyrics
1. harry dean
2. talking with you
3. voices
4. living dolls
5. out of my life
6. waiting room by Pat Johnson
7. bed of lies
8. wild mountain thyme traditional
9. putting me in the ground by Pat Johnson
10. full of wonder
11. summers of war
12. stoli

Recorded at Dave Wellhausen Studios, by Phillip "Snakefinger" Lithman in 1987 and Kevin Army.