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avengers: original punk from 1977

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The Avengers
"pink album"
Get the CD here ->
Liner notes by Byron Coley
LP order it from Superior Viaduct

Listen or download 31 track digital album.

The Avengers
We Are The One EP
I Believe in Me and Car Crash
on 7" black vinyl + picture sleeve
Superior Viaduct 11$ incl US postage

The Avengers
Paint it Black
b/w Thin White Line
on 7" black vinyl + picture sleeve
Superior Viaduct 11$ incl US postage

The Avengers
Teenage Rebel
b/w Friends of Mine

on 7" black vinyl + picture sleeve
Superior Viaduct 11$ incl US postage

Get All 3 Avengers Singles!
on 7" black vinyl + picture sleeves
Superior Viaduct
Just 30$ incl US postage

The Avengers (punk)
The American In Me
(2004) 12 track CD (DBK Works)
$8 download
Out of print.

The Avengers (punk)
died for your sins
(1999) Lookout! Records 18 track CD/LP

$8 download

Out of print.
The Avengers (punk)
Zero Hour
(2003) Get back (Italy) 8 song LP
Live from the Old Waldrof in 1979
Out of print.

RUBY RAY - From the Edge of the World
110p book + 16 tk CD
Superior Viaduct
More info here

Out of print.

Official Avengers Punk Tees on sale from $13!
100% cotton. Check them out here

Here's a little rundown of the three Avengers albums.

All tracks recorded in 1977-1979 (except as noted)

The "pink album" is what I call the self-titled LP/CD that came out on CD Presents Records (1983), has the same versions of "Car Crash" "I Believe in Me" and "We are the One" from the Dangerhouse EP (1977) and "White Nigger" and "Corpus Christi" from the White Noise EP(1979), but different mixes and vocals on "The American In Me" and "Uh-Oh". It also has studio recordings of Open Your Eyes, No Martyr, Desperation, Thin White Line, Paint it Black, and Second to None. The one live song on the record is "Fuck You". And finally, Cheap Tragedies, and Money were not on the original LP but on some subsequent versions. It now been re-released! Get it here.

The died for your sins (1999) CD on Lookout has 7 studio recordings: "Teenage Rebel", "Friends Of Mine", and "The Good The Bad And The Kowalskis" were from the Iguana rehearsal studio recordings. The early version of "White Nigger" was demoed at Wally Heider Studios and is quite different from the one Steve Jones produced on the Avengers EP from 1979. And "Crazy Homicide", "I Want In" and "The End Of The World" were re-recorded for this album in 1999. Plus 9 live recordings and a list of all Avengers shows.

The American in Me (2004) CD has 4 studio tracks, and 8 live tracks recorded at the Old Waldorf in 1979 (these live tracks were released on the Italian vinyl LP Zero Hour). The CD comes with a 16 page booklet with photos, show lists, flyers and new liner notes written by Greil Marcus, as well as Penelope's liner notes about the Waldorf show. The first 4 tracks are studio recordings, but different versions than any previously released: "We are the One", "The American in Me", "White Nigger", "Uh-Oh", and then the live show: "Cheap Tragedies", "Zero Hour", "Corpus Christi", "Release Me, "Uh-Oh", "Misery (Finger on the Trigger)", "Time to Die", "The American in Me".

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