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These are all independent female artists who have inspired me or whom I've inspired. Many of us have shared stages, BBQs and microphones. -Penelope

She Mob
Cancel The Wedding

(1999) Spinster Playtime Records 17 tracks $11 CD

Noelle Hampton
Under These Skies

(2000) Trexx Records 12 tracks
$12 CD

Lois Maffeo & Brendan Canty
The Union Themes

(2000) KRS Records 10 tks
$9 CD

Snapshot Radio

(1996) K Records 5 tracks
$9 CD EP

Beth Custer
Dona Luz 30 Besos

(2000) City of Tribes Records 9 tks
$12 CD

Beth Custer
In The Broken Fields Where I Lie
(1999) BC Records 32 tks
$12 CD

Barbara Manning & The Go Luckys
You Should Know by Now

$10 CD

Barbara Manning
& The Go Luckys -
Homeless Where the Heart Is
$10 Import CD EP
The Brood
Beyond the Valley of the Brood
(2000) (Dionysus Records) 16 tks
$10 CD

Handsome 3Some
Cute Grrls
(1998) move Records 4 tks
Import $6 CD EP
Handsome 3Some
Fallen Out Of Space

(1999) move Records 5 tks
Import $6 CD EP
Jean Caffiene
Idee Fixe

(2000) Joe Records 10 tks
$10 CD

Jill Olson
My Best Yesterdays

(2002) 125 Records 11 tks
$11 CD

Terese Taylor
the clothes we wore before
we were married

(1999) Bomb Sniffing Dog 5 tracks
$9 CD EP

Tiny (Paula O'Rourke)
(2000) NMX Records 13 tks
$10 CD

Ramona The Pest
Cans Of Worms

(1997) KingTone Records 10 tracks
$12 CD