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Published by
Victoria & Chris Heifner

floating holiday
issue #3
a friendly magazine
with 84 pages of fine poetry, short stories, fiction, nonfiction and art
with a hand printed cover

$9.00 Magazine item #TS11 FREE shipping in the USA
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Table of contents:
Erin Keane Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Nathan Leslie The Coloring Book
Michael Cadnum Flood Control
Dawn Paul Gulls
Michelle Brooks Poison Ivy
John Porcellino Rockford Station
Halina Duraj Quick Tips For Family Caregivers
Sandra DelValle Crossing The Atlantic On A Two Engine Plane: P.R. to NYC 1950
Philip Kobylarz Famous Last Words
Dennis Saleh From Oath of Scribes
Patricia Schultheis Prime Meridian
D. Burris Mini-Massacre
Susan Case Look
James Reed Guess What
Matt Hulme Pinker
Angela Carter Plums
Romy LeClaire Night Swept
Dan Sklar There Are Some Things You Have To Do
Ruth Holzer Amusement Park
Patrick Duggan Bill Knot Laying On A Beach
Heather Quinn New Year’s Prayer
Christopher Moylan Blade
Tom Whalen The Simpleton’s Ballade
The Way Of Glass
Laura Glenn Joy
Jack Conway Matoaka At Gravesend
Ed Miller Nature Of Proceedings
Marcellus Hall Pianos
John Bradley Professor Sleepmask
Song Of The Angel Plagiarism
Ryan Van Cleave Sin Poem #2—The Envy Poem
Zack Rogow Hilltop Townhouse
Mark Brazaitis At The Hospital Publico, Quetzaltenango
An Orange Baseball
Martha Veatrice Doody Widow’s Weeds, 1844
Birth Quilt, 1841
Sean Beaudoin Sheer
Joel Craig National Account (Or Going Out Long)
Chuck Stebelton To Burlesque It Anymore
Erica Olsen The Missing Girl