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Feb. 8, 2002, Hello friends,
I've gotten my hands on a small number of the blue vinyl bootleg of the Avengers first release on Dangerhouse Records! It's said to be pressed from the original plates and sounds good. I'm offering it in my Valentine's Special Collector's Set.38$ worth of goodies for $19.99. Sorry sold out.
Also I have the newest Barbara Manning CD available in the "Glad I'm A Girl Shop". Please drop in...

Jan 20th 2002, Greetings
I know you all like to listen to snippets of music before you buy, so I'm putting links on some album pages to the CDnow site so you can hum along. Just make sure you return to to buy your CDs!
And I've added a new page of music I listen to at home. Just in case your curious. It's called p's top 10+. It's also got links in case you've never heard these amazing discs!

Jan 1 2002, Happy New Year!
I hope 2002 is better than 2001.
I'm back at my warehouse ready to serve all of you wonderful shoppers!

December 17th, 2001, Just got a short article in Venuszine by Silja Talvi.
Thanks to all who've bought items at my online shop.
I'll be shutting up the store for the holidays, but will fill any orders as soon as I return on Dec 31st!
So don't hesitate to buy now. Best wishes to you all! xxx P.H.

November 23rd, 2001, Busy with recording another 4 songs. This time with Pat Johnson, the wonderful Katharine Chase and Eljohn.
Pat and I plan to play the Beastfest next weekend Sat. Dec 1st at Club Muse.
Check out all the stocking stuffers at my online shop!

August 19th, 2001, I've managed to get my hands on a shipment of historic vinyl singles from the sadly defunct Iloki Records and am offering them for just $3.99.
One is Corpus Christi/Take Care (1994) a quieter acoustic version of the Avengers best loved tune, backed with the heartwrenching Alex Chilton song. Featuring a color cover with two enigmatic photos of PH and an insert designed to please all foot fetishists.
The other is Sweetheart/Glad I'm A Girl from 1993. With another cool cover in full color. You can find them in my Collectors Corner.

July 28, 2001, I've been working hard while you loaf!
Recording 4 songs with my excellent band (withPat Johnson, Paula O'Rourke of Tiny and Eljohn, the ultimate drummer. ) The songs are "Hole" (it is about addiction, but no, not about Courtney Love!) "Walnut" "Soul Redeemer" (which is about a female cop-killer on death row) and "Flight 609." We're working at the groovey analog studio of Wally Sound.
But I know you can't wait to hear these fascinating songs, so come see us play live at the Justice League on Aug. 12.
Don't live near SF? Visit my online shop... it's easier than spitting!

June 22 2001, We've got a shopping cart from Paypal!! Try it out. You can now buy a miriad of things without filling out my pesky form.

June 7 2001, The new live CD Loners, Stoners and Prison Brides is here, looks great, sounds great and is available NOT IN ANY RECORDS STORES! Just get it from me online by mail or at a show!

May 31 2001, OK! I've put up a page for the new live CD Loners, Stoners and Prison Brides and with it 3 new pages of song lyrics.
Please order this new CD soon, as it is a limited release and
will not be available in stores - only through this site!
And of course at my shows ...until it runs out.
I'm headed out of town to a blessedly computer-less household for a week, so all orders will be shipped on June 11th. Yes, it's true... my is mom and pop; when I'm away nothing gets done. But there are no VCs or stockholders to disappoint. I'm free! (and writing this in the nude.)

May 11th 2001, Show announcement: The exciting CD release party! June 8th.

April 30th 2001, My own new live CD Loners, Stoners and Prison Brides is nearly here (just wait a week or two.)

Until then please check out the latest additions to the "girl Shop"

I've added the debut CD of Diana Darby, "naked time" for $11.99.
here's part of a review:
Darby has her precedents -- Nick Drake and Beth Orton come to mind -- and, like any good rock artist, she kills them off with conviction. In the process she makes nonsense of labels like"folk," "alt-country" and "pop." She blurs lines of style but does so in service to some exceptionally honest, original songs. There's the churning, not-quite-punk rock of "She Won't Be Quiet"; the time-changing minisymphony of "Rag Doll"; and the summer porch picking of "Black Dog." "Black dog/chasing squirrels/up on the hill," Darby sings, smiling, finally, at such brutal instincts. "No one told you can't catch one/so you will." No one told Darby she can't make such a ripe, dauntless album, not at first go. She has." - Roy Kasten, St. Louis Riverfront Times

And I've got the latest mind-bender from the Japanese trio, Ex-girl, "Big When Far, Small when Close" for $12.99. It's a cappella! It's wild! It's fun!

And finally fixed up a few linkage problems on the site such as the triple CD Sleater-Kinney page!

On the band front, I've been working on a new set of songs with Pat Johnson, Paula O'Rourke and Eljohn. We're planning a band debut on June 8th and recording later this summer. Stay tuned for details...

Mar 8th 2001:
This rare all ages show is the only performance I have planned for a while, before some burrowing into the studio.
Also Ramona the Pest are moving to the Southwest.
And Bonfire is now living in SO Cal... so DON'T Miss It!

Sat. Mar 10, 2001, at 21 Grand in downtown Oakland,
All ages $6 - $10 at the door.
Penelope Houston acoustic w/ my long-time collaborator Pat Johnson and Eljohn on drums @ 9:30
Bonfire Madigan @ 10:30 And Val Esway of Ramona the Pest @ 8:30

For more info call Gallery 21 Grand at (510) 444-7263.

Expect alluring voices, hypnotic beats, addictive melodies, smart pop songs, creepy love songs, underground stories about the undertow, insects, angels, and aliens, and underwater sounds from guitars, drums, cello, and other toys.

Jan 28th 2001:
Okay... the new year, millineum, new day, etc...
We've got a bunch of new titles in the "glad I'm a girl shop"
Some are nearly impossible to find. All at great low prices.
Check them out!
Brand new from The Donnas Turn 21.
My very talented friend Jean Caffeine from Austin has released Idee Fixe.
Greil Marcus faves She Mob sayCancel The Wedding.
Bratmobile have reformed and offer us: Ladies, Women and Girls.
Country crooners Tiny bring out the Freakwatery harbinger.
And the mysterious Barbara Manning collects 18 singles and oddities
Under One Roof
More new titles coming soon.
Our sale on CDs and T-shirts will continue for just a few more days, so don't delay in snatching some savings! 2 shows on the horizon...

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