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all penelope's out of print albums

Return to Sender (a sub-label of Normal Records, Germany)
limited releases from 1993, 1994, and 2003
now available to
hear or download

Crazy Baby . Silk Purse (from a sows ear) . Loners, Stoners

500 Lucky Pieces
(1992) on id records
signed and numbered pressing of 500 chrome cassettes with illustrated lyric booklets.
click on title to see lyrics
1. sweetheart
2. on borrowed time
3. white out
4. maybe love
5. qualities of mercy
6. fall back
7. honeysuckle
8. corpus christi
*9. nina
10. going to the evergreen by Pat Johnson
*11. like i do by Mary O'Neil
12. glad im a girl
On Borrowed Time (live in Frisco)
Penelope Houston

(1991) on id records
limited release of 1000 chrome cassettes

click on title to see lyrics
1. on borrowed time
2. *like I do by Mary O'Neil
3. honeysuckle
4. father's day
5. white out
6. fall back
7. (Going to the) Evergreen by Pat Johnson
8. intro to rock & roll show by Pat Johnson
9. out past vacaville
10. happy ending
11. just like a man
12. glad im a girl
13. corpus christi
14. *nina
15. *behind your eyes
16. stoli

Penelope Houston and her band. All live recordings from The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, 1990-91, and *the Freight and Salvage, Berkeley, 1990. With guest performer Beth Custer

Corpus Christi/Take Care
(1994) on iloki records. a 7" vinyl 45rpm
A quieter acoustic version of the Avengers best loved tune "Corpus Christi" backed with the heartwrenching "Take Care" by Alex Chilton. Color cover with two enigmatic photos of PH and an insert designed to please all foot fetishists.
click to read lyrics Corpus Christi

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