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penelope houston . eighteen stories down
(2003) WEA Germany
A retrospective of Penelope's first 25 years of songwriting and recording.
Europe only release

Out of print. Download from iTunes.

All the best songs picked from her 5 studio albums,
a previously unreleased version of Corpus Christi with Billie Joe Armstrong
and 4 tracks later released on Pale Preen Girl

The CD cover is a self portrait in lino-cut by Penelope.

Tracklist: click on any song title to see lyrics
1. corpus christi
2. voices
3. on borrowed time
4. qualities of mercy
5. water wheel by Pat Johnson
6. ride
7. glad im a girl
8. sweetheart
9. white out
10. blackeyed peas
11. the ballad of happy friday and tiger woods
12. scum
13. tongue
14. worm
15. flight 609
16. hole
17. soul redeemer
18. buffalo ballet by john cale

Track 1 previously unreleased. Produced by Billy Joe Armstrong, Kevin Army and P Houston.
Track 2 originally released on Birdboys. Produced by Phillip "Snakefinger" Lithman.
Tracks 3-4 originally released on The Whole World. Produced by Howard Johnston and PH.
Tracks 5-6 originally released on karmal apple. Produced by Howard Johnston and PH.
Tracks 7-9 originally released on Cut You. Produced by Jeffrey Wood and PH.
Tracks 10-14 originally released on Tongue. Produced by Jeffrey Wood and PH.
Tracks 15-18 previously unreleased, later released on The Pale Green Girl. Produced by Pat Johnson, PH and Wally Sound.