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do you have to have it?

OK I'll make you a copy. Worldwide shipping $2 per CDr. FAQ
Long out of print and not available by download.
People have begged me to make them copies and now you can get your own.
They're 24bit+ copies and include a full color copy of the cover.

Penelope Houston and Pat Johnson
Crazy Baby
$9.99 (1994) on Return to Sender, Germany
*another train blues / scratch / *hold me up to the light
mission tower / ignition / *loners of america
*soul singers / pale fire / wedding waltz
no easy way down / *Haight st. girl
*five tracks are included in once in a blue moon

Penelope Houston
Silk Purse (from a sows ear)
$9.99 (1993) on Return to Sender, Germany.
*take care / *like I do / corpus christi / *nina
(Going to the) Evergreen / carol of the canyon
fall back / *just like a man / on borrowed time
on borrowed time (live) / water wheel
putting me in the ground / hillbilly head dance
*four tracks are included in once in a blue moon

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